Oflaz Mechanics

Food Processing Equipment

Oflaz Mechanics has a quite well know-how and experience in confectionery and bakery industries. With its special design confectionery and bakery equipment and machines, engineering solutions and food technology supports on site, Oflaz Mechanics is trying to help its costumers in the best way. As it’s an engineering based company, Oflaz Mechanics is able to design totally new machines and also special practical solutions for your existing systems and lines.

cocoa beans chocolate-ball-mill


Oflaz Mechanic’s aim is to make the best possible and improve it each time they make it again and again. Working in details, passion to deliver the best machine to the costumer is Oflaz Mechanics’ main target and motivating agent. On the way to be the best, Oflaz Mechanics will keep working.

Costumer oriented work, no cost preliminary studies both on site and in office are main approaches when there came out a new project. When it comes to industrial production of cupcake, hard or soft biscuit, sandwich biscuit, any confectioned chocolate bars or pralines, enrobed or blank wafer, Oflaz Mechanics is offering studies at the very beginning of such and industrial investment.

Of course this is something crucial and mostly recommended to assure the most efficient productive investment management. Avoiding drafts, trying to progress with deficient studies always come back as extra costs and extended or postponed pay back thresholds. All the cad programs or 3d design programs are developed to see all the details just in a computer screen to assure correct design and decrease the revisions in machine part and increase the profit. How is that possible to make an investment without evaluating it on paper and on screen in optimum details?

Baking Cookies on Steel Belt

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