Laboratory Type Chocolate Conching And Tempering Machine

Laboratory or shortly lab type chocolate conching machine is something we are familiar. Laboratory or lab type chocolate tempering machine is also something we are quite familiar. But when we call a machine as laboratory type chocolate conching and tempering machine, it surprises some of us obviously. Because the description of the machine claims to have the capability of doing both jobs itself. Is it possible? Can a machine do both conching and tempering of chocolate? Conching is a batch type process and it takes too much time while tempering is almost continous and short. So how can one claim such capability. Indeed it’s not very complicated. First the size is very small and good enough for laboratory or patisserie type applications second, our Concheper is designed to conch the mass as long as you want as standart conches are doing, then you just need to switch the machine to tempering mode, and it will start tempering the chocolate as standart chocolate tempering machines are doing.

Laboratory type conching and tempering machine, so we called Concheper, might be unique with above claimed capabilities. It’s a machine we just innovated and started testing in our workshops. And yes we started using our first Concheper to manufacture chocolates to test the machine and to develop new tastes also. Results are amazing.



If you have a small patisserie shop or a laboratory to develop new products you just need our BCM2.5-BL Chocolate Ball Mill and our Concheper with quite small budgets.




Batch Capacity : 7 kg

Installed Total Power : 2 kW

Agitating Speed : Adjustable

Material : AISI 304

Heating : With complete jacket


Above seen machine is just a prototype which we are making our tests in our workshop. Industrial version will be the same in terms of working principle but will be more elegant surely.