Steel Belts

In food industry, pharmaceutical industry, wooden work industry and in many other areas of industry, steel belts are being widely used. The most important point in steel belt investments is the first investment cost and continuity in after sales services.

At this context, final cost to costumer increases unnecessarily generally sometimes because of commercial worries and sometimes because of service provider for the same commodity although it’s manufactured by the same first manufacturer.

Same commodity might be sold under different brands with dramatically different prices just because the final seller is a trade mark. When the unnecessary cost and brand effects are ignored and excluded from the supply chain, same commodity can easily reach to final user with a dramatically low price.

With these purposes Oflaz started providing steel belts from first manufacturer itself.

The belts Oflaz is providing;

Food Grade Steel Belts

This group of belts are being used widely in meat and fish processing systems and confectionery and bakery industries as well. The fields steel belt is used;

  • Steel belt baking system (e.g. baby biscuit)
  • Steel belt cooling systems (e.g drop chocolate production line)
  • Meat and fish freezing systems
  • Vegetable and fruid drying systems
  • Product transferring systems

Carbon Steel Belts

Carbon steel belts are widely used in baking ovens. Outstanding feauters of carbon steel belts are;

  • Static Strength
  • High fatigue strength
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Simple maintenance and cleaning

Stainless Steel Belts

Stainless steel belts are widely being used in areas such as;

  • High temperature treated steam cakes, sandwiches and baking other food products
  • Candy, chocolate, gum and other food producing systems.
  • Seafood freezing systems
  • Conveying vegetables and fruits
  • Transporting chocolate mass in chocolate production lines and systems

Super Mirror Steel Belts

These belts are being widely used in many areas of high technology production systems such as;

  • Film production
  • Water soluble film production
  • Face mask production

Precision Steel Belt

The belts narrower than 400 mm and thinner than 1 mm are classified in this group and are being used in;

  • Packaging machines
  • Photovoltaic industry, silicon cutting and wafer welding systems
  • Transmission belt of oil-water separator in environmental protection industry
  • Precision transmission in the automation industry, such as synchronous transmission and round-trip drive

Perforated Steel Belts

These types of belts are obtained by machining standart steel belts. They are being used to replace with wiremesh belts to have more flat, less maintenance required, more hygenic, long lasting baking systems.

Martensitic Stainless Steel Belts

Martensitic stainless steel belts are being used widely in fiber film production, ceramic film production, solar panel production, fuel tank membrane productions. Martensitic stainless steel belts have high welding performance. They have a high strength and hardness and can be delivered up to 3000 mm width.

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