Marshmallow Aerating Mixer


HM200-BL Aerating Mixer is a very special design aerating mixer with lowest possible manufacturing cost to keep the costumer away from unnecessary and artificial costs which are generally generated by the lack of engineering or site experience. Regarding these concerns HM200-BL is developed by Oflaz. Outstanding feature which makes the HM200-BL aerating mixer unique is its dismantle and maintenance easy aerating blades which are configured to provide maximum accuracy. Although one has to change complete rotor or stator or both of them incase of an unwanted breakage in conventional aerators, in HM200-BL it’s possible to change only the damaged rotor blades or stator blades. This innovation decreases the breakdown pause time and also decreases the related spare part cost dramatically.

Capacity : 200 kg/h
AISI 304 Stainless Steel Chassis
All food contact parts are AISI 304 stainless steel
2,2 kW, 900 rpm main agitator
Main agitator is equipped with frequency converter for speed adjustment
Jacketed for chilling water
Touch panel with PLC control
Pressure sensor to avoid any damage in case of a unintended pressure increase
Frequncy converter for feeding pump