Self Cleaning Chocolate Filter


It’s able to automatically filter and discharge filter residue by means of two hot water jacketed valves working tandem in accordance with the time set from the control panel. Complete equipment is made of AISI 304 stainless steel except internal impeller which is also a food grade substance. It can filter 1 ton per hour with a 600 micron filter mesh size. Depending on the filter mesh size, capacity changes. Thanks to it’s pressure transmitters in the inlet and exit of the chocolate, the system is being protected against unexpected pressure increases. Thanks to it’s logic control, up streaming pump can be controlled by the self cleaning chocolate filter CFL1000-HL to assure the basic requirements such as pressure and temperature are obtained before starting the filter. The complete filter is thermally isolated to avoid any unnecessary energy lost and heat increase in the environment. It can be delivered with a built-in heater also depending on the costumer’s request.

Thanks to its tandem valves, minimum effect on pipeline pressure is assured.

This self cleaning chocolate filter is an essential part when it comes to food safety and food quality. Whoever wants to make the best quality chocolate to serve his costumer at highest care must use CFL1000-HL