Continuous Type Chocolate Ball Mill


H-SCUS750 is a complete chocolate processing system equipped with its main part BCM750-CON which is a continuous type chocolate ball mill.

Basic line is composed of;

  • Premixing tank OHT500
  • Ball mill feeding tank for continuous mass feeding CST750
  • Continuous type chocolate ball mill BCM750-CON
  • Intermediate chocolate storage tank CST2000

The chocolate is transferred between the stations by means of pumps. The line is configured for one pass of chocolate as it is able to refine the chocolate mass to 25 micron with just one pass. In case it’s especially requested by the costumer, closed loop circulation of the chocolate also can be configured.


Continuous Type Chocolate Ball Mill BCM750-CON is especially designed to refine the chocolate, cream and similar kind food masses. Thanks to its properly cooled inner shaft and outer jacket, temperature of mass flowing among the grinding balls is kept under control as required by the food technology. Thanks to it’s pressurized bottom filter plate, constant pressure and fullness are guaranteed. So the necessity of adding grinding balls in time is not a case when it is used BCM750-CON.