ZM300-SL single blade biscuit dough mixer (also known as zet mixer) which can be used to prepare both soft biscuit dough and hard biscuit dough and even for some special type of wafer and biscuit creams. Thanks to its fixed cover, it’s ready to be fed automatically by raw materials and ingredients. And thanks to it’s sealings between mixing tank and cover, the dust cannot escape. Because it’s designed user and costumer oriented, it can be discharged both from left and right sides by means of a small geared motor which has no danger of leacking hydrolik oil anywhere. And its maintenance easy design allow user the maintain the machine at its utmost efficiency conditions.


Capacity : 300 liters
Number of Z Type Mixing Blades : One
Main Agitator Power : 15 kW
Discharging Motor Power : 0.55 kW
Mixing Bowl complete AISI 304 Stainless Steel
Mixing Bowl is Jacketed for cold water
Adjustable Agitator Speed
Chasis is made of mild steel and painted.
Fixed top guard for easy adaptation for automatic charging
Strong and Robust Chasis