Chocolate Tempering And Enrobing Machine

When you deal with chocolate made with cocoa butter , you have to temper it before you coat it on a cookie or something else. Here is our recently designed chocolate tempering and enrobing machine.

The tempering and enrobing machine is designed concerning the environmental and ergonomic conditions. It’s easily openable cover gives the user for easy access to any part he wants. At the same time the cover itself guarantees the chocolate temper no to be effected by environmental heat changes or air flows which is generally the most dirturbing effects which are changing the quality of the process and product.


Chocolate curtain and air ventilation on the product is very important when it comes to proper coating and weight adjustment.


Here are some videos of enrobing machine which is on market currently to serve you in the best way;

Below is a sample of one side coated cookie which is quite famous in some places;