BCM10-BL Laboratory Type Chocolate Ball Mill

BCM10-BL is a small medium size laboratory ball mill specifically designed for research and development studies  and for small size productions. Here are some of its prominent features;

  • It is being manufactured both as three-phase and single-phase (mono-phase) depending on customer’s request.
  • Very low waste heat is generation.
  • All food contact parts can be disassembled easily, cleaned and assembled back in half an hour.
  • Thanks to Oflaz’s special design pump, high viscous masses can be circulated easily.
  • Thanks to its innovative design, even with crystal sugar, a fine size lower than 20 micron can be achieved within less than an hour.

Some technical details;
Agitating power: 1.5 kW
Total Power Consumption : 2.55 kW
Total Weight : 195 kg
Metal Ball Size : 6.35 mm
Metal Ball Amount : 20 kg
Cold water consumption : 40 liters / hour (7-12 °C), tap water also can be used
Power supply : 230 Volt Mono-Phase, or 380 Volt Three-Phase 50 hertz
Sound Level : <70 dB
Construction : AISI 304 Stainless Steel

Below is a short video of BCM10-BL, one of your best assistants in the lab and small size production;