Producing Cup Cake In An Industrial Line

How would you cool a cup cake after baking it in an industrial oven? How long could you leave it in the metal trays? What kind of coating would you use in the trays? When would you extract them from the trays? Would you inject the filling just after the oven or you would prefer waiting for it a little before injection. Would you inject the filling when the cakes are still inside the trays or you would inject after you extract and let them cool down? These are all common question when you produce a cake in an automatic complete cake production line.

Preparing the dough, choosing the right system for dough transfer to ensure less deformation possible in the dough. Choosing the right method to have the right specific gravity. Determining the baking time, baking type, cooling time, cooling method. Recipe! Here is not correct place to talk about it.

All above mentioned points are of course vital when it comes to producing a cup cake industrially. One can find hundreds of types and qualities of cup cakes in the markets. But each leaves different trace in mouth and some of them becomes preferable.

So critical question is; how would you do your cake preferable? Each company has its own know-how and quality. Nevertheless this doesn’t stop them looking at a better seen company with envy and curiosity, although nobody wants to change himself radically and suddenly. Then, would it be possible to achieve the desired target slowly and securely by changing with small less shaking steps. Does industrial developments allow you to stay slow.

It seems much better sitting around a table with a couple of reasonable buddy and make some talks, critics, market searches, supply and demand investigations, calculations and assumptions. Everything will depend on your money in your pocket. Event sitting around a table has its own cost.

Big companies may have their own ways to start an investment, but small ones generally starts with buying the equipment trusting their financial and promotional capacity. Then the investment suddenly becomes a black hole attracting all the attention and power towards its black center.

Producing a cup cake might be simple if you already did necessary works before the first kick off.